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Tahiti Restaurants

Tahiti, and Papeete specifically, have a bountiful selection of restaurants in a variety of cuisines and price points. While there are too many to name, here are a few of our favorites!

Le Lotus

Offering some of the most splendid views on the island, Le Lotus is situated on the InterContinental hotel property but welcomes all. It offers upscale dining under a gazebo overlooking the lagoon and majestic sunsets over the island of Moorea. The menu is French gourmet and the service is thoughtful and attentive without being obtrusive. Be sure to save room for the dessert course sampler plate—an excellent way to enjoy them all!

L’o a la Bouche

Another top-rated restaurant, this charming bistro is soft-spoken and sophisticated. While the menu is plentiful with French dishes, considerable homage is paid to the Polynesian influence. You’ll find an amalgamation of fresh moonfish, sea scallops, and tuna blended with exotic spices; adapting disciplined French cooking methods to the whimsy of island flavors.

Le Grillardin

For anyone seeking an authentically French menu, this cozy establishment located in the city’s center just across from the Town Hall, offers a gastronomic experience not be missed. Chef Christian and his team have mastered an artistic fusion of exotic island flavors and refined French cuisine. You’ll find a bountiful selection of French favorites such as foie gras (their signature), cassoulet, seared duck breast, as well as inventive dishes such as Papio fish infused with Tahitian vanilla and pastry puff filled with Mahi-Mahi. The portions are quite generous and the wine list abundant. Just be sure to save some room as a delectable selection of deserts awaits you.

Le Cocos

There are several French restaurants in Tahiti and a select few are ranked as the best: Le Cocos is among them. Idyllically set on the waterfront, with a romantic and intimate ambiance, Thierry and Benedict will make you feel special from the moment you arrive.  If you’re feeling adventurous, consider the Carte Blanch White Card menu leaving each dish selection to the chef. Accommodations are gladly made for any allergies or dietary needs.


Les Roulottes

The food trucks in Papeete are beloved by locals and travelers alike! Where lacking in fine china and silky table linens, the food trucks at Les Roulottes make up for in selection and quality. This is simply good food without the frills (or the price). You’ll find perfectly paper-thin crepes smothered in Nutella, shish-kabobs with fries, Chinese dishes served piping hot from the wok, and wood-fired pizza. It’s a lively and bustling atmosphere where the sights and sounds (live music is typical on weekend evenings) are almost as good as the food! No alcohol is served here, but the bars and nightclubs are across the street.