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The Island

Tahiti, the queen and touchstone of the islands of French Polynesia. The largest and most lively of the islands, Tahiti hosts the country’s only international airport. Every Islands of Tahiti adventure begins here and we encourage you to linger for a day, or a few, to explore this beautiful gem. For the urban experience, the island’s capital, Papeete, offers fine resorts and spas, world class restaurants, a bustling nightlife, museums, and plentiful shopping. Those seeking a more relaxed and authentic experience will be drawn to the interior of the island; preserved and untouched, lush with mountainous peaks, crystal clear streams, and high waterfalls. Tahiti offers so many treasures, all waiting to be explored!



The island’s interior contains dense rainforests of soft ferns, waterfalls cascading into cool rivers and streams forming magnificent river valleys, and flat coastal areas containing fields of taro and tropical flowers.

Tahiti is comprised of two main island masses, Tahiti-Nui (big Tahiti) and Tahiti-Iti (little Tahiti), which are connected by an isthmus called Plateau of Taravao. The larger, Tahiti-Nui, is rugged and mountainous with its largest peak, Mt. Orohena, reaching 7,339 feet next to Mt. Aorai reaching 6,786 feet. Tahiti-Iti is a low, narrow mountainous strip of land with its highest peak, Mt. Roniu, reaching 4,341 feet.

The smaller portion, Tahiti Iti, is quite rural an abundance of lush, natural beauty with small villages.

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