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The Island

The lagoon of Rangiroa is more like a vast inland sea, and dry land exists as a narrow chain of sandy motus encircling this huge waterway. Divers come from all over the world to Rangiroa and the configuration of the lagoon is such that the rise and fall of the tide causes powerful currents that divers `surf’. Whether you opt for shallow, ocean, or drift dives, the underwater scenery is guaranteed to be some of the most spectacular you’ve ever seen.

The flavor of village life on an atoll can be experienced in the small villages of Tiputa and Avatoru, each with a population of approximately 700. Both villages are beside a navigable pass.

While in this part of the archipelago, you should consider a visit to Kia Ora Sauvage Resort, a unique, natural setting, where life is simple and your time is your own. This resort features the most peaceful surroundings you can imagine. Bask in the sun, snorkel in the bath-like waters, and take in this pure Polynesian experience.


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