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Moorea Land Excursions

Embark on one of these Moorea land excursions to discover the depth and beauty of the island. With its lush interior and rich culture, there are an abundance of land and water tours perfect for exploring this magical destination!

Moorea Photo Tour (Half Day)

Whether you are an amateur or a passionate photographer, this exclusive tour is made for you. With your camera in hand, Moorea’s amazing landscapes (mountain pics, pineapple fields, turquoise lagoon) will become the central stage of your photographic initiation. Your skilled guide, an experienced photographer, will share photographic tips, technique, and knowledge throughout the tour. Available every day.

My Polynesian Life (Full Day – lunch included)

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this full day experience will turn you into a true Polynesian islander! Begin by learning outrigger canoe paddling techniques, net fishing, and a cooking lesson with your morning catch. After lunch, Sam will take you to his plantation where you’ll experience lush green scenery, and the fragrance of tropical flowers and ripening fresh fruits. Available every day.

Nature and Culture in Moorea – Minivan and Walking Tour (Half Day)

Discover the beauty of Moorea! Your guide will gladly share her knowledge while taking you to the famous sightseeing point of Le Belvédère overlooking Cook and Opunohu’s bays, the volcano’s crater, and the plateau de la Bounty. You will pass through the pineapple fields and vanilla plantations, savor the tropical fruits of the agricultural school, and enjoy their tasty flavor at the fruit juice factory. Then escape to the magnificent Opunohu Valley with its lush vegetation, tree ferns, tropical fruits and flowers, rivers, and natural pools where you can swim. Available every day except Sunday.

QUAD / ATV Guided Tours

Hop on a new generation, fully automatic ATV and fully enjoy the beauty of Moorea’s interior, including hidden spots inaccessible to standard vehicles. Craters with steep lines, lush plantations, rivers, and panoramic views. These vehicles are safe, stable, and designed to comfortably accommodate two passengers. Available every day.

2 ½ Hour Discovery Tour: Departure from InterContinental, West coast

After a short drive on coastal road, enter inside the island, Belvedere panoramic view, Lycée Agricole plantations with explanations about tropical flowers & fruits, river crossing.

3 ½ Hour Adventure Tour: Departure from InterContinental, West coast

Including the destinations from the Discovery Tour, you will also cross several valleys leading to the Magic Mountain’s peak for a 360° view of Moorea and its lagoon.

Aito 4WD Safari Tour (Half Day)

Set off on a safari experience and explore the volcano’s internal crater and incredible landscapes. Visit a pineapple plantation, Moorea’s Lycée Agricole (agricultural school) and its huge vanilla, banana, grapefruit and lemon plantations to name but a few. Then head to a marae before driving to the Belvedere for stunning views of Cook and Opunohu bays. Available every day except Sundays and public holidays.

Initiation to Sky Diving

Experience the intensity of Skydiving around 9,500 feet above the beautifully picturesque Moorea! In a tandem parachute with your instructor, you’ll soar at 120 miles per hour for about 40 seconds, followed by 5 to 7 minutes of coasting in the gentle Polynesian air, parachute open. Expect a soft landing thanks to the expertise of your instructor, whose sole concern is providing you with this new sensory experience while keeping you completely safe. Available every day.*Please note the following limitations: passengers may not exceed 200 pounds, must not have been scuba diving within the past 24 hours, and should not be pregnant, suffer from heart disease or inner ear infection.

Moorea Water Excursions