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The Island

It’s just a 40-minute flight from Tahiti, but feels like a world away. This enchanted island is lush with untamed forests, jagged landscapes, and surrounded by a deep, crystal-clear lagoon. You’ll also find quaint villages here where locals have preserved many of the cultural, and agricultural, practices of their ancestors. Huahine is a tropical garden with gentle rolling hills and lush foliage, and at the same time, it is a garden rich in agriculture. The soil is excellent and everywhere you look there are bountiful fields of vanilla, melons, coffee, or bananas.

Endearingly referred to as Tahiti’s Best Kept Secret, Huahine has remained true to its roots, fairly unchanged by the modern world. Here you will find the authentic tranquil, relaxed pace of old Polynesia. With only eight small villages scattered across the island, the few residents welcome visitors with great kindness. Not surprisingly, this fertile world offers a rich soil providing the local farmers a bountiful harvest of vanilla, melons and bananas.



The word “Huahine” means pregnant woman in Tahitian. The island gets its name from the shape of the island.  When viewed from a distance, it truly does look like a pregnant woman lying on her back.

Huahine is actually two islands, when viewed from the air. An arch bridge connect the two. It is believed that, at one time, Huahine was one island. Since all of these volcanic islands are sinking, ever so slowly, the two highest portions of the original island are what show above the surface of the ocean today.


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