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Bora Bora Diving

The Bora Bora Diving Packages below include the instructor (1 to 5 divers maximum) and full equipment: tank, regulator, stab/BCD, mask, fins, diving suit, weight belt, as well as round trip transfer from your hotel to the dive site. We recommend no more than 2 dives per day. However, any more than 2 will require Nitrox tank and certification for 3rd and subsequent dives in the same day.

Bora Bora Diving Packages
General Diving Information

TOPDIVE Initiation Dive

Explore the underwater world of the South Pacific in the ideal conditions provided by Bora Bora’s crystal clear lagoon. Several sites are offered for beginners: Anau (the aquarium) or Toopua where you will discover the colorful fish among the coral gardens, spotted eagle rays and clown fish. No experience necessary. Available every day from InterContinental Thalasso and Pearl Beach resorts, as well as the MaiKai Marina and Yacht Club in Vaitape.

Available Dives Include

Introductory Dive

Discovery Program

2 Discovery Dives, digital kit, and logbook

Discovery Combo

1 Introductory Dive, 2 Discovery Dives, digital kit, and logbook

Blue Honeymoon Couple’s Package

Honeymoon Package includes your Initiation Dives, shell leis, fruit juices, and a video recording of your dive.

TOPDIVE Single Dives

* For certified divers only (PADI, CMAS or equivalent training).

1 Dive – Regular or Nitrox

2 Tank Dive – Regular or Nitrox

TOPDIVE Diving Passes

* For certified divers only (PADI, CMAS or equivalent training).

Passes are available in packages of 6, 10, or 20 dives. They may be shared among 2 divers and used at all 11 TOPDIVE centers in French Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Tikehau. Nitrox is available in all top dive centers except Tikehau.

*Please note: Diving Passes do not automatically include the reservation of the dives in the participating dive centers. Reservation is the responsibility of the Pass holder, who may indeed contact the dive centers by his own means at least 48 hours prior to the dives. Agency is not responsible for lack of availability without advance reservation confirmation.

General Diving Information

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