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Client Testimonials

Nimu and Volker, KENYA

We had an amazing amazing time and the diving exceeded all our expectations. I don’t know if I told you that we are on a round the world trip filming a documentary on the world’s best dive sites and Fakarava in particular was incredible. Fakarava has not been discovered yet it seems but it is a gem. Rangiroa was also amazing, we filmed the dolphins a great deal and that was so special. I think what really shone through was the dive operator Top Dive – they are really first class and as we were going there to film they made our trip for us!! I would absolutely recommend French Polynesia – primarily to dive, it is really excellent diving. We live in Kenya, with some of the best beaches in the world, and in many ways Kenya is a lot more developed and geared towards tourists than French Polynesia. We found Tahiti the funniest mix of developed and undeveloped! But we would recommend Tahiti to all our friends – it is so incredible to be so far away. I loved that our phones didn’t work, that there was no internet and that everything was very simple. I have already recommend Tahiti Travel Planners to my friends, and to a lot of people we have met on this trip. What I really appreciated with you is that although Tahiti is a very expensive destination you offer a range of accommodation.

Catherine and Vincent, California, UNITED STATES

Great experience overall and we were upgraded in Moorea at the Pearl Resort to a Premium Overwater bungalow (instead of the garden bungalow we had reserved) and in Bora Bora at the Pearl Beach Resort to a Premium Overwater bungalow instead of the regular overwater Bungalow. Just about everything went according to plan; transfers, plane rides, etc, were well organized and we again very much appreciated your speedy answers to our enquiries/questions either via email or through the phone… Great service! Thanks again for helping up put together a fantastic honeymoon trip! Mauruuru! 🙂

Michele and Geoff, CANADA

BORA BORA surpassed our expectations! When you first see it for real, both from the air and as you are approaching your resort by boat, and when you are walking to your overwater bungalow after check in you are actually stunned that the place is better and more than all the pictures you’ve looked at prior to your visit! I was stunned by the beauty, and actually still now feel like it was the best dream ever as far as expectations visually of Bora Bora. Transfers, meet and greet service all were excellent. Yes, the hotel and accommodations at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort were perfect. We did not really require any services. I would have liked if the bungalows had a little kitchenette in them for coffee (not instant) and a fridge for your own drinks and snacks, However the breakfast buffet was great. We really enjoyed relaxing at our bungalow, having a cold drink in the afternoon, just dipping into the ocean and laying on the lounges on our sundeck… Our bungalow was clean, and very well kept. We were both comfortable and happy with our space. We really appreciate everything you arranged for us and the advice you provided us, and all was as promised.

Shawna & Sean, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Moorea exceeded our expectations. From the views on the beach to the views on the mountain were unforgettable. The sunrises and sunsets were picture perfect. Hands down the most romantic place on earth. The Hilton is a very nice hotel. Everything is amazing, clean, and staff is super nice. From all the hotels on the island, this is probably the nicest. They upgraded us to the over water bungalow from day one and also gave us a bottle of wine and coconut because it was our honeymoon. They also have every service you can imagine on site and you don’t have to leave for anything. Only downside is, the Hilton is a bit far from any local shopping. Transfers were seamless and there was someone to tell you where to go, how to go, and when to go, so you wouldn’t miss your flight, boat, or tour. Excursions are amazing and we really recommend them to anyone that goes. There are excursions for everyone and so exciting and very informative about the island. We went on the ATV tour and also the Stingray and Shark feeding tour. We believe that both tours should be mandatory when visit Moorea. First one you see the island from the land and the second is from the water, but both is see breath taking views and also you get to see how the Tahitians live. Restaurants were good at the hotel. Only one thing you can say about Tahiti Travel Planners. They made our dream honeymoon come true. Tahiti Travel Planners made planning the honeymoon effortless and left no question to be asked or answered. Everything was planned out perfectly.

Julie & Ben, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Our Tahiti experience definitely exceeded our expectations. I found the islands to be almost like a fairy tale. The beauty was just indescribable. We are SO glad we picked this spot for our honeymoon. It was just perfect. The transfers were very organized. The people meeting us at the airport were extremely helpful and friendly. In Moorea we went to Tiki Village and were honestly very disappointed. We thought the Polynesian dance show was good but we didn’t care for the food and found the people working (living?) there to be rude. We thought for the money it wasn’t worth it and liked the hotel food much better. We also did a safari tour in Moorea which we LOVED. We thought it was a great way to see a lot of beautiful sites. Our tour guide was informative and funny. We really enjoyed this experience. In Bora Bora we did a shark/sting ray feeding boat trip- we loved this! It was a lot of fun. We also rented a buggy and drove around the island which was a great time. We are SO glad we did the breakfast/dinner package in Moorea. The food at the Pearl resort was amazing! We loved every bite. It was definitely worth the money to have those meals included. We were so impressed with the amount of food that was offered at the breakfast buffet and the dinners were top notch. We definitely feel like it was money well spent. In Bora Bora we were glad we got the breakfast package as well. It was neat to take the boat off our motu and try out different restaurants for dinner so I’m glad we didn’t include dinner here. The did find the food to be very expensive in Bora Bora though. The garden bungalow with plunge pool was perfect in Moorea. The room was great- clean, spacious, and quiet. We really enjoyed having our own little backyard and plunge pool. The Pearl resort in Moorea may have been a little small compared to the other resorts in Moorea but we felt that was to our advantage. We never had to fight for beach/pool chairs and towels and water sporting equipment were always available and the food was so delicious. We both got massages at the spa which was a highlight. In Bora Bora the Pearl was just unbelievable. The service we got here was the best! The staff was SO friendly and so helpful. We didn’t experience any of the issues with the staff here that we did in Moorea. I think this resort was supreme. We stayed in a beach bungalow for 3 nights. It was very different than the garden bungalow in Moorea. It was more rustic. We liked it though. It was a great experience. The staff did an exceptional job keeping it clean for us! The overwater bungalow experience was unlike any other I’ve ever had before. We had bungalow # 18. I would definitely recommend that one to others. It was perfect. We had an unobstructed view of the mountain. It was very quiet despite what people have told us about over water bungalows. We did not feel like we were too close to other bungalows. The only thing we heard was the ocean … which we of course enjoyed. Of course we would recommend French Polynesia to others! I am feeling like it’s the most beautiful place on earth… or that we’ve seen so far.

A. Stancin, Michigan, UNITED STATES

The restaurants in the hotels were wonderful, especially the deserts! The islands were beautiful. The excursions I took were great! I really liked the 4X4 safari tours that I went on! The Tahiti Le Meridian is amazing! The settings of the Relais Mahana and Les Tipaniers were incredible. It had not occurred to me that the bungalows wouldn’t be air conditioned, but the fans made it comfortable, and the views couldn’t have been better!

O.R. Pedersen, BELGIUM

First of all I would like to thank you for a perfect, extraordinary and exotic vacation, besides the fact that we were on vacation; three things made this trip truly memorable (in random order); 1. The magnificent and natural (exotic) beauty of the Islands 2. The perfect weather – we had sun-sun-sun every day 3. The problem free and professional execution of our (your) itinerary Upon on arriving I was a little bit excited (worried) about how all the transfer, voucher, hotel etc. would work out… but everything went perfect from arriving at the airport to the drop of at the Sheraton, truly professional and completely without any problems or issues – nice and helpful people all the way. While on the beach in Moorea, my wife went back to the room, and came back to the beach announcing, that there was half a bottle of champagne on ice, a bottle of wine and also a pareo and a t-shirt… with nice greeting cards and flowers… we were very surprised and enjoyed this gesture very much… thank you. All three islands met (and excided) our expectations, I think we liked Moorea the most, even though it was not as stunningly beautiful as Bora Bora – on all three Islands we rented a car and drove around the Islands, this is a great way of getting some local folklore and try some special beaches, snorkeling sites etc. The hotels were great, really nice locations and perfect service, especially the nautical activities desk on Moorea, the restaurant on Bora Bora and the bar on Moorea… enjoyed the BBQ on the beach in Moorea. The motu transfer on Bora Bora (Intercontinental) is really great, because the “transfer guy” lives on the motu. This allows you to go without any predetermined pick up time etc., and the motu is really great. The motu transfer offered on Moorea (Intercontinental) is also good but not as secluded and exclusive as the one offered on Bora Bora, but the snorkeling is beyond belief. We did the “Shark Boy” on Bora Bora and this is highly recommended, excellent guides and they record the trip with pro-underwater video and “offer” the video in DVD format later the same day… great. Otherwise I would highly recommend renting bikes, it is easy to go around and discover the neighborhood, and on Bora Bora it is easy to drive by bike to Vaitape. Also the use the free kayak is highly recommended. Once again thank you for all you assistance and service, I hope to be able to make use of your service again someday.

D. Cushing, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

We worked with Tahiti Travel Planners and we couldn’t be more pleased. Perhaps the greatest compliment to Tahiti Travel Planners is this: “everything went according to plan.” The only surprises were pleasant surprises like how beautiful the lagoon was or how delightful the accommodations were. Our specialist was thorough in her explanations and suggestions, patient with our every request of ours and extremely knowledgeable about French Polynesia. We recommend Barbara and the good people at Tahiti Travel Planners without reservation or qualification.

S. Wilson, California, UNITED STATES

We loved the isolation and detail oriented staff at the Sofitel Motu. The evenings were great and scenic and our favorite time of the day. The only dislike we had was we were at the mercy of boat and van shuttles for transportation, but that we just like to be more mobile and self sufficient. Everything met our expectations. It was beautiful top to bottom. Be aware lizards may be living with you in the rafters of your bungalow. We had 2-5 at any given time, but they were harmless. I cannot express enough how professional everyone was on the phone, via e-mail, and in person. We were picked up promptly and responded to quickly with every concern/question.

Bruce & Pam, Idaho, UNITED STATES

We loved Moorea and Bora Bora. The transfers were all very smooth, the meet and greet very nice. The people were extremely nice, polite and very helpful. We loved the Sheraton Moorea, our beach front bungalow was very nice and the perfect location. All the grounds were very nice. The pool is beautiful, the show they put on at night was very good, and we enjoyed the food very much. Tina at the activities desk was so much fun and so helpful. We did receive the bottle of wine you sent with the nice little welcoming note, we appreciated the thought very much, I even saved the note, but since we don’t drink alcohol we gave the bottle of wine to her, She was very excited. It made us feel great as well. We went to the Tiki village theatre, it was great. We ate at Te Honu Iti, the food was very good and the service great. I had the Mahi Mahi with Tahaa Vanilla Sauce, it was wonderful! We also ate at a little snack place just down the road from the Sheraton, The shrimp were wonderful, and we enjoyed the walk down there. We rented a car from the hotel activities desk and drove all around the island, it was fun to see things at our own pace, we drove up to Belvedere Lookout, I was so impressed! We took the ferry over to Tahiti one day, and rented a car from Avis there to see the island, it was beautiful as well. We spent two full days just hanging out at the beach at the Sheraton, I loved that you could snorkel right from there and see a huge variety of fish, we loved the crepes at the hut bar, the weather was perfect, and not a cloud in the sky the whole four days we were there. We could have easily stayed there for a bit longer. I loved the natural look of the island, there are no tall buildings, no high rise hotels, no large commercialization, it was still pretty natural looking. We didn’t have enough time to eat at all the places you recommended. But I guess that just gives a really good reason to go back. Then we went to Bora Bora. We had an overwater bungalow there at the Le Meridien, it was fun and very nice. We were so glad that we stayed there, it is so crowded and congested down by the Matira Point. The lagoon is beautiful, we snorkeled and swam and kayaked and sailed right from there. We did the shark and ray feeding excursion. It was wonderful! I loved the guys that took us out, they played their guitars and ukuleles and sang all the way around the lagoon and pointed out different resorts all the way. It was very fun. We ate at Bloody Mary’s, it was excellent! We rented a car from Europcar and drove around the island twice it was so fun. We were excited with the t-shirt and the pareo from the Le Meridien that was there upon check in. We enjoyed being out on the motu. The boat would take us for free to the mainland, operating every hour at least, and there was a phone and a little grocery store right at the boat dock, that we could call home, or buy some less expensive munchies, more of that wonderful baguette bread, and the Rotui fruit drinks that I loved. I loved the slow, laid back pace. It was so nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings for 2 short weeks. I think we enjoyed Moorea the most, we loved being able to snorkel right from our beach, where as on Bora Bora in order to see very many fish you had to go to the corral gardens on a boat tour, we also got a couple days of rain while on Bora Bora, so we didn’t sit on the beach as much, which we would have enjoyed, but both places are wonderful and I wouldn’t wanted to have missed either. Also we are fairly casual and Moorea was a little more casual than Bora Bora. I loved using your website, it was very helpful, I could look at it every day, I studied, and just got more and more excited, it was very easy to get around, and I loved being able to email you with any specific questions I had, you always replied in a timely manner and was very helpful. I would definitely recommend French Polynesia to anyone who loves relaxing, playing in the sun and water. We also had a great time trying all the new food, some we loved, some we didn’t but that is part of the fun. I would definitely recommend Tahiti Travel Planners to my friends and family as well. It is nice to book a vacation through someone who has traveled there and knows the area and can make some recommendations. I would love to go back to French Polynesia to see some more of the islands and I will for sure be in contact. Once again thank you so much! We had a great time largely due to your planning, and careful attention to details.

Brian and Brooke, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Thanks for your note, and we are glad to share our wonderful experiences with you. Please see our responses to the questions below, and thank you again for helping us plan a memorable honeymoon. It was such a pleasure working with you! Yes, each island was beautiful and offered unique qualities, making us extremely glad that we visited all three. All of our transfers were punctual and friendly, the meet and greets were excellent, and our excursions were wonderful. The sunset sail that you booked for us on Moorea was one of the highlights of the trip, as we saw a gorgeous full arc rainbow over the mountains in addition to a picturesque sunset. The crew was great too. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we booked a second sunset sail on Bora Bora as well. Other activities and excursions that we booked on our own included bike rentals through the hotels (Rangiroa and Bora Bora), massages (Moorea), a jet ski tour (Bora Bora), and scuba diving (Moorea, Rangiroa, Bora Bora). All were fantastic. All of the hotels were luxurious, friendly and accommodating, with good restaurants. Outside of the hotel restaurants we also enjoyed Alfredo’s on Moorea, Matira Beach (excellent!), Bloody Mary’s and Ben’s Snack on Bora Bora, and Vaimario (excellent) on Rangiroa. We received a very nice upgrade at the Intercontinental on Moorea to one of their top overwater bungalows, and very much enjoyed our stay there. Great service in the restaurant, by the concierge, and by all of the staff we encountered. Kia Ora was so picturesque, with very nice service as well. It obviously is not quite as swanky as the other hotels we stayed in, but the service was friendly and we received everything that we needed. The pool is especially gorgeous, and we really enjoyed our stay. Hotel Bora Bora was incredible. The personal greeting, the managers cocktail hour, the restaurant staff, etc. were all outstanding. My favorite touches were the welcome and send off with the guest service managers, the hand written notes from the manager, the complimentary fruit tarts sent to our room mid-way through our stay, and the restaurant staff knowing us by name. The service here was truly beyond my expectations. The bungalow was spacious, well appointed, with a charming bathroom. I found that I did miss having a pool, although my husband really enjoyed the snorkeling – we saw rays, eels, turtles, etc. I can’t say that I recommend the beach restaurant for lunch, but the main restaurant (Matira Terrace) was excellent for breakfast and dinner. You had great recommendations, were a pleasure to work with, and communicated everything to us very well. Everything went so smoothly on our trip, and I would definitely recommend Tahiti Travel Planners to anyone I know.

Cassandra, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Each of the islands was charming and unique. In Moorea we did take the 4×4 land tour. Our guide, Joslyn, was knowledgeable and funny. We saw beautiful vistas, took a short hike to Belvedere point, and went through the caldera. We also did a lagoon trip, which was fun. The Hibiscus had a really wonderful restaurant, which was actually less expensive than the surrounding ones. The bungalow was west-facing, and our lawn was quite the happening spot to watch the sun go down. Huahine was no touristy as an island that we got a chance to feel the culture without effort. We took a 6-hour 4×4 tour around the island with a local guide, who again, explained his island thoroughly. The island felt remote, while the amenities at the Relais Mahana were luxurious. The bungalow was spectacular, definitely the nicest of the four. The restaurant had excellent fare, which was good since there was only one other place within walking distance. Bora Bora was gorgeous. We found a great grocery store a short walk up the road, where the prices were very reasonable…there were very few foreigners there. The bungalow was beautiful and comfortable at the Le Maitai Raiatea was my favorite island. We did the jungle hike up to the waterfalls, we snorkeled and swam a lot. The staff there was completely perfect, helpful and kind. It was peaceful and gorgeous. The overwater bungalow was so cool, with the window in the floor. They turned off all the lights at a reasonable time, so it was dark and restful at night. You made the trip to easy that it seemed magical. Everything was organized and easy, and the hotels were lovely. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Joan & Robert, Illinois, UNITED STATES

We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to give us the perfect honeymoon. Our experience was perfect – far exceeding our expectations. We couldn’t believe how you had taken care of every detail of our trip – we never had to worry or think about a thing. We especially appreciated all of the added value that was included into our experience. Thank you for everything – you were great to work with.

Gordon & Mary Ellen, New York, UNITED STATES

Yes each island went above our expectations. Each had its own flavor. We couldn’t ask for better transfers, meet and greet service. We booked two excursions. One though the activities desk in Bora Bora and that was a tour by van of the island. It was nice and we happened to be the only ones on the tour. The other tour I booked myself through the internet and that was the private Motu picnic and shark and stingray feeding with Keishi Tours. In booking it I asked for the owner to be the guide that day and he was very good. We had a great time. As for the restaurants, we did venture out quite often for dinner. In Bora Bora we had dinner at Le Matira Beach Restaurant which was very good, Bloody Mary’s which was also good but seemed to be rushed a little and just not the island flair as some of the other restaurants. Very nice table you reserved for us at Villa Mahana’s. Enjoyed Le Lotus in Tahiti and you reserved a very nice table also. In Moorea we tried Aito’s I think a fairly new restaurant. I had a great lobster with champagne sauce. The owner actually drove us back to the resort. Also the little turtle (Te Honu Iti) was very good. I think many people stay at the resorts for dinner but we like the excitement of the local restaurants. We loved our over the water bungalows and especially the suite in Tikehau. Service was friendly and excellent throughout our stay. The Tahitian people are so gracious and sweet, very respectful and seem like they care about each other. The planning and assistance we were given was outstanding in everyway. You made it very easy for us. The website was also very useful. Everything went so smoothly and whenever I had a question you were quick to respond. Thanks for a wonderful and memorable vacation.

Jason & Heather, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Moorea was fabulous. We really enjoyed the 4X4 tour. It was the best way to get to know the island. The Sofitel had great food and views, our favorite poisson cru was in the hotel restaurant. Breakfast buffet was one of the best deals and had a great selection. The Polynesian dinner show was fun, and the buffet was very good. Excellent front desk service. They were able to call restaurants and arrange pick ups for us, as well as arrange for our rental car. The accommodations in bungalow 118 were great. It was spacious and well appointed. There were beautiful coral reefs just outside our bungalow, the best on site snorkeling of the entire trip. We were happy spending entire days at the resort just snorkeling and relaxing. Ron Hall gave us a great deal on a pearl. He had the best selection and quality. Highly recommend renting a car for 1 day, since there are no shops or restaurants within walking distance of the resort. We had great meals at La Kaveka and Le Cocotier. Bora Bora was OK. Unfortunately the main lobby/restaurant roof at the Sofitel Motu was under construction at the time of our arrival. Our bungalow needed some upgrading. Shuttle service to the main island was fast and easy to access. The Spa at the Sofitel Beach resort was great. We enjoyed walking to La Bounty restaurant and ate there twice. The dinner at Bloody Mary’s was disappointing. The food was fresh, but lacked authenticity. The shark and ray feeding tour was great. The views we had from the boat were spectacular and the snorkeling was amazing. Tahaa was absolutely beautiful. The resort was picture perfect. The grounds were beautifully maintained. The bungalow (#28) was one of the most private. The sundeck was our favorite, especially since it had the small fare with table and benches. The room was luxurious. The bed was very comfortable and having a bath tub was a plus. The water lighting at night was the best of all the resorts and attracted a lot of fish. Unfortunately the snorkeling was non existent. Service at the hotel was top notch. We did take another 4X4 tour, that was not on our original itinerary, but recommended by the hotel. This was our favorite excursion, with Poerani Tours. Our guide sat in the back with us and gave us personal attention, serenaded us with ukulele, had a coconut demo, fresh fruit to eat, pearl farm and vanilla plantation tour, and a exciting off road tour of the rain forest. There was a well stocked supermarket on the main island right off the boat, but no restaurant. Fortunately the restaurant Vanille was incredible and we were happy to enjoy every dinner there. Lunch at the poolside restaurant was also great. The high end restaurant was closed due to roof repair, but all the food we had was delicious and we didn’t miss it. TTP did a great job with all of our arrangements. The website gave lots of information before our trip and made it easy to select the hotels and islands that we wanted to visit. Your agent was very helpful and was able to arrange a package that best suited our needs and budget. The quality of the service really reflects the knowledge and experience that we trust and value when making on line reservations. This was one of the best vacations ever.

Frank & Lisa, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

We really enjoyed our trip and found that the 10 days was a perfect amount of time to enjoy the island – just enough to fully unwind and de-stress, but not long enough to become bored. We did receive the bottle of wine – we enjoyed it during one of our sunset experiences at the Sofitel Motu! Thank you! Bora Bora is a “10”………cannot be beat! The Caribbean may be closer, BUT it will never compare to French Polynesia!!! All the transfers via Air Tahiti, the meet and greet services, excursions, and dining experiences were perfect. We came to Bora Bora “between seasons” which was at the time had fewer guests at the resort and the island in general which made the whole vacation experience quieter and more pleasant. It was great that we could also dine at the Sofitel Bora Bora Beach Resort- buffets were very good, along with the on-site Japanese Restaurant! Also, Air Tahiti must be commended for being a GREAT Airline – a league above the U.S. domestic carriers! New planes, good food and service! The Deluxe Horizon OWB, room 129, was phenomenal! From the deck of our bungalow I feel that we had THE view of Mt. Otemanu – better than St. Regis and Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort!!! The services and amenities of the resort were very good – planning excursions was a breeze with the resort personnel! Planning this trip through Tahiti Travel Planners was flawless……..everything was orderly and professional. The website was very easy to utilize. Definitely would recommend Tahiti Travel Planners!!! easiest trip/vacation that we have had to date!

Leticia and Will, California, UNITED STATES

Our trip exceeded our expectations. Transfers went smoothly, as did the pick up from the hotel in our layover. Your agent was amazing from beginning to the end. Fast responses via email, including information about our delayed departure by Air Tahiti Nui from LAX. She had all the right answers and tons of information through out the booking. That’s what we were looking for and all other companies we tried, failed. That is why you had our business. She was just fantastic to work with. We had a short window of opportunity to work with and Samantha made it happen. The web site made it easy to find what we were looking for. Bora Bora Nui was great location for us and was the best possible resort to stay in according to our wants/likes/needs. Rooms were great. We asked them to empty the refrig for us so we could put store bought items in it and they had done so upon our return to the room that day. Beds were amazing and great rest came every night. I would suggest TTP to everyone. In fact while in Tahiti, we gave many people the names of whom we planned with and spoke highly of the company because of the great service.

David & Marilyn, UNITED KINGDOM

Just got back after a wonderful Holiday everything you organized for us went like a dream – your travel partners were always on time and very nice to deal with and the Hotels were wonderful. We got upgraded twice and the Tahiti Intercontinental and at Tikehau Pearl Resort we agreed to pay a less than half price supplement to upgrade to overwater suite which was fantastic. We had the ocean to ourselves. Similarly at Moorea Pearl Resort, we had the best bungalow on the row right over the coral. I don’t know if was your influence but we also got an upgrade at Bora Bora Intercontinental – thanks if it was. The InterContinental Le Moana Beach hotel is a lot better than their new Thalasso spa which we visited – this is because of the more intimate scale and friendly staff.

Marc & Lori, Wisconsin, UNITED STATES

The islands both met our expectations. The transfers and greeting services were 1st class. The greetings were especially welcome as it was our first trip to Tahiti and we didn’t know what to expect – the greeters made it all stress free. Our excursions were fun and the restaurants were of very high quality, although very expensive. I highly recommend renting a car on Moorea for a day and doing some exploring of the island – probably the most enjoyable, memorable day we spent together while in Tahiti. The Sofitel beach bungalows on Moorea were perfect – they were modern and kept quite clean by the help staff. The over water bungalows at the Bora Bora Lagoon are aged but well kept. Your agent was great to work with, extremely helpful and worked hard to set up our trip. The website was useful and I had no trouble navigating. I would insist to my friends or family to use agents at TTP. The quality of service was excellent and I will never plan an extended vacation requiring extensive travel and multiple locations without using a travel service. The knowledge of Tahiti and familiarity with the travel procedure, as well as the hint sheets provided are essentials in my book.

Linda and Kevin, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

Everything involved in planning this trip went smoothly. We appreciate how organized Tahiti Travel Planners is in providing the documents and descriptions of what to expect. The website is useful especially for individuals planning a trip to Tahiti for the first time. Since this was our second trip we already had in mind the places we wanted to stay. Thanks for working with us in booking a pension. It made it a lot easier. The hotels did meet my expectations. Although minor and not worth saying anything about, the coffee maker did not work in the room at Kia Ora Village. Since we only stayed here one night and had paid for breakfast it didn’t matter. The beach bungalow room was very nice. We had a bungalow near the end which we wanted and although we had stayed in an overwater bungalow previously, I found this room just as great. The Kia Ora Sauvage accommodations were just like we remembered. In fact, we got the same bungalow we stayed in 5 years ago which really made us smile. The food and service and the hosts – Micheal and his wife- were gracious and friendly and it was great to see them again. We were lucky to have only one other couple with us during most of our stay at the Sauvage so it was extremely private. Micheal knows we like to explore other motus so in the afternoon he would drop us off and pick us up later. It was all we remembered it to be and more. Fakarava is similar to Rangiroa in that it is an atoll but a lot of it is a coral atoll instead of as many sandy motus. Raimiti’s accommodations were a little more rustic and it was located on a coral shelf with few other motus around so in order to see some of the more fantastic sites, you were more dependent on the excursions provided by the hosts of Raimiti. The excursions were incredible. They took us to snorkel the south pass twice, a beach barbeque on a sandy motu, and to a beautiful beach you could also get to by an hour kayak journey from Raimiti. The highlight was the opportunity we had to jump off the reef into the ocean side and snorkel. The water was calm and according to our hosts this opportunity doesn’t come along often. The coral heads were huge. There were caves and caverns below which dropped off into the deep blue of 1000 meters depth. It was an incredible experience! Yes! I would not recommend any other agency to use. Your attention to detail and communication with travelers is excellent!

Wendy and Jason, Texas, UNITED STATES

The islands exceeded our expectations. Once we arrived on Moorea, we were having such a wonderful time we thought maybe we should have just stayed there and relaxed and not done all the island hoping….but once we experienced Bora Bora and Manihi, oh we loved the rest of our tour and were thrilled with each and every island. Our meet and greet and transfers were absolutely flawless. TTP are wonderful and your agent was a great help. She was the first person I called to help plan the trip and she totally stuck with us even after we got other agents involved and was able to match their prices and get the business. I hope she is still with you when we are able to go to Tahiti again and we loved it so much that hopefully it will be really soon. Awesome vacation. Trip of a lifetime. Dream vacation. Beauty unsurpassed.

Dave and Susan, CANADA

I am writing to thank you for organizing our 30th Wedding Anniversary Vacation to French Polynesia. We were exceptionally pleased with everything and if you should need any kind of satisfied customer reference letters etc. don’t hesitate to let me know. Even the Intercontinental in Tahiti is a wonderful place and was an enjoyable 3 days where we met other vacationers who we plan to stay in touch with as one couple have offered to have us stay with them in Australia should we be passing that way again, maybe to Bora Bora. I’m sure you are curious about our reaction to the InterContinental Thalasso Resort after having gone around the block a few times with us in trying to decide. As an architect I thought this place was a signature work and truly was a delightful experience for me. The Polynesian decor was refined modern and elegant. The food was fantastic as was the service and everything else about the place. It scores 7 out of 5 for us and deserves to be rated the top spot out of 19 hotels on the island. We did see a few others in passing and they don’t compare in quality. Your opinion of the place that you gave in the first or second email was also dead on and it was also the comment that made me decide to continue with you only as you had heard what I was asking and your response was dead on since as an architect it told me what I wanted to know. As far as the connections and other aspects of the vacation package it all went well and having the food part of the cost of the holiday was also a very good idea for us and I am sure for others. Its not that $100 for breakfast is an issue when you are paying $11,000 for a vacation. It doesn’t matter how wealthy people are and it is often the people with the most that hate to spend a dime, but it is the relative difference of what one is used to that is upsetting. The last thing one wants on a vacation is to be upset and having to think about the $300 every dinner is costing destroys the peace of mind the rest of the resort creates even if one can afford it. Therefore burying this cost reality in the total cost was extremely well advised. Thanks again and we will certainly recommending you to others and hopefully we’ll be able to go again for another anniversary.

Carrie & Steve, California, UNITED STATES

In general, both islands met our expectations. We had a great time both places, and had some fun new experiences, particularly on Moorea, where we went to the motu Moea and ate at the little restaurant there, La Plage, which was really fun, a real highlight of the trip. The transfers and greetings were all excellent and professionally done. As for restaurants, we tried a few new ones this time, including Rudy’s and Le Mayflower, both of which were excellent, with very attentive service. We enjoyed re-visiting Te Honu Iti and Aito’s again, and were impressed with the latter’s expansion since 2005. Another restaurant highlight was visiting Chez Louise on the main island of Taha’a. Although the delivery/dropoff was less than smooth (at first no one was there to greet us on the island once the boat from the resort dropped us off), the restaurant itself was charming, and the food was excellent! A side benefit was watching the leftovers get fed to the fish below! Both hotels were extremely clean and well-run, and just as beautiful as we found them in 2005. In particular, the bungalows at Le Taha’a are so gorgeous, inside and out, spacious and perfectly designed. It’s such a nice room that you never mind spending a lot of time there! We actually enjoyed better service at the Moorea Pearl this time compared to 2005, because of the newly added concierge and activities desks. That makes a big difference, and the staff there was very helpful in making dinner reservations for us (last time we had to make our own, the desk wouldn’t do it for us), and informing us about excursions and things. As in 2005, at Le Taha’a we didn’t do any excursions, we just loved snorkeling around the coral gardens, which never got old for us. Our experience at the main restaurant this time wasn’t quite as perfect as it was in ’05. The servers may have been in the process of training a lot of new and very young staff, who are not very comfortable with the public, seeming shy and not used to communicating outside their language, which can be difficult at times. Much better was the service at Orhini, the gourmet restaurant there, where the service and food were both impeccable. We loved it so much that we immediately booked it for a 2nd night in a row! It’s pricey, but we felt, very well worth the money. Because we’ve used your agent in the past, we haven’t needed to use the website much. She’s been very helpful, and we’ve already booked our third trip through her. We recommend Tahiti all the time, to anyone who will listen! For most people, price seems to be the sole obstacle, even once we try to explain that there are many inexpensive resorts, and not everything there is in the price range, say, of Le Taha’a. We love it there, and continue to tell friends and family alike that they should try it, particularly as a more-exotic alternative to Hawaii.