Tahiti By Land, Tahiti By Sea

While the islands of Tahiti are a dream honeymoon or anniversary destination for many people, few people realize that one of the best ways to explore this paradise is by sea!  Paul Gauguin cruises offer travelers the opportunity to travel to Tahiti, the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, and the Cook Islands in an intimate, luxurious sailing experience.

There are many reasons why someone may prefer to experience Tahiti by Sea.  The real benefits, as we see them, are:

  1. The Ability to See Many Places in One Trip

The islands of Tahiti are gorgeous, and each offers its own unique qualities that makes it a paradise in its own right.  Want to see Huahine (Tahiti’s “Garden of Eden”), the majestic peaks of Bora Bora, Rangiroa (One of the world’s best dive locations), the untouched island of Fakarava, the “vanilla island” of Taha’a, AND Moorea?  A cruise will likely be the quickest, and most cost effective, way to see all of these sights in one vacation.  Paul Gauguin Cruises offers one such “Society Islands & Tuamotus” cruise that allows guests to see all six islands in 10 nights!

2.  All-Inclusive Accommodations

With the exception of staying at The Brando on Tetiaroa,Tahiti cruises are the only way you will be able to find all-inclusive accommodations on Tahiti.  With Paul Gauguin cruises, your fare includes your spacious accommodations, all shipboard meals, complimentary beverages (including select wines and spirits), all shipboard entertainment, gratuities, and, naturally, your transportation to the next island paradise!

3.  Unparalleled Entertainment

One truly great thing about cruise ships is they know how to entertain!  On a Tahitian cruise, guests enjoy casinos, piano bars, dance performances, musicals, and Broadway-style shows!  In addition to the live entertainment, guests aboard cruise ships enjoy multiple lounges, places to dance,   pools, and bars!

4.  Amazing Ports of Call

We may be biased in saying so, but Tahitian cruises have some of the world’s best ports of call!  With emerald green mountains, pristine blue lagoons, stunning biodiversity, and magical views at every turn, the islands of Tahiti are truly something to behold.  Enjoy an exciting excursion, such as snorkeling, safari tour, hiking, jet-skiing, or even aqua-biking, at each port of call to really get a feel for the island.

While cruising around Tahiti is a fantastic way to get a truly full picture of French Polynesia, the various islands, the culture, and the sights, we strongly encourage guests to stay a few nights on land at an island they’d get to explore better.  While stopping at a port can allow you to soak in the sights and get a definite feel for each island, the best way to appreciate your dream island is seeing it sun-up to sundown.

Which of Tahiti’s islands do you most want to see?

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