Top 5 Things to Take with You on Your Next Tahitian Vacation

So, you’ve finally done it.  You’ve booked your next Tahitian vacation.  Your flights have been confirmed, your resort looks plush and gorgeous, and you can’t wait to feel the sunshine on your shoulders as you explore a new, breathtakingly beautiful beach.  Only one thing stands between you and this paradise:  packing your suitcase.

 Whether you’re going on a Bora Bora honeymoon or a frolic around Moorea, packing for any vacation can be a challenge.  In today’s busy world, it seems like we’re always running from one errand to the next and juggling a million tasks.  Even if we find the time to make a “To Pack” list, something inevitably gets forgotten.

Keep Calm

Refer to our Top 5 Things to Take With You list to make sure your trip is a success!

Item #1:  Sunscreen

Sunscreen Okay, so let’s get the practical items out of the way.  Your mom probably always told you to wear your sunscreen, and as it turns out, mom was right.  Even if you never normally get a sunburn, it’s important to never underestimate the power of the sun in tropical climates.  Protect yourself and your skin, if for no other reason than because a gorgeous tan is always more attractive than a human lobster impersonation.

 Don’t forget to pack a large container of sunscreen with a reasonably high SPF, and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen in your checked luggage.  While I’m sure the TSA appreciates free gifts, your wallet won’t.

Item #2:  Underwater Camera

Swim in Beautiful Waters

You’ve taken great care to plan and prepare for your amazing trip to Tahiti. You may have spent months scrimping and saving to jet away to your dream island – so of course you want to remember everything! Whether you’re a wannabe professional with a DSLR, just a point-and-shoot kind of person, or an Instagrammer with your smartphone, a camera is definitely something you want to take along so you can reminisce about the sun and sand whenever you’d like.

One of the amazing things about traveling to Tahiti is the vast array of awesome beach and water activities.  From snorkeling to parasailing, the number of water sports and activities are unparalleled on tropical vacations.  Some of the most beautiful things to be seen can be found underwater.  Why not capture those images?

 So, if you tend to take a lot of pictures on your smartphone, or just want some memories of sea creatures past, pack a few underwater cameras for some fun, interesting shots that your iPhone wouldn’t survive.

Item #3:  Travel Guidebook

BooksPurchasing a really thorough travel guidebook is one of the best investments you can make in a trip to French Polynesia.  While there is something to be said for a relaxing vacation, lounging in your overwater bungalow, it can be worthwhile to venture into less touristy areas.  Have you ever wondered where you can get an amazing, king-sized Tahitian breakfast on the cheap?  A guidebook will be able to tell you.  Unsure what language the natives are speaking, or what the history of this paradise really is?  A guidebook will be able to tell you.  Want to take an all-day Bora Bora excursion into a tropical rainforest, but feel better comparing all your options before you purchase the one at your hotel?  A guidebook will be able to help you.

Guidebooks contain all of this information, and usually much, much more.  Most even contain some pretty nifty maps, which can help you immensely if you’ve decided to go exploring Tahiti on foot.

As always, remember that while fun and adventure are your vacation goals, your top priority is always to stay safe.  Explore new areas and experiences that are tourist-friendly and reputable.  If a guidebook, or your travel agent, tells you to stay away from an area, listen to them.  And if something feels wrong or uncomfortable, listen to your gut.

Item #4:  Bathing Suits

Bathing SuitIt seems pretty self-explanatory why a traveler going to a paradise island would need a bathing suit.  Even though we all know we need our bathing suits on vacation, I am always surprised by how close I come to forgetting my bikini.  Make sure that you pack at least two bathing suits so that one has time to dry while you wear the other.  And while it’s perfectly fine to wear a skimpy, completely impractical bikini on vacation, make sure that you’ve packed at least one bathing suit that can hold up against whatever water sports and activities you have planned.

 Item #5:  An Open Mind


The Portuguese say, “A experiência é mãe da ciência,” which means, “Experience is the mother of wisdom.”  Even in our down time, it’s important that we open ourselves up to new experiences.  Trying new things, meeting new people, and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone help us all to be wiser, more well rounded people.  You never know, you could fall in love with authentic Tahitian cuisine.  You could learn all about the French Polynesian culture or languages.  You could discover a fascination for sea life, or regional biodiversity.  Hey, you might even just discover that you prefer vodka martinis to gin martinis, or at least give yourself enough permission to debate the merits of each.

The point is that one of the beautiful things about traveling to a new corner of our increasingly diverse planet is that you have an opportunity to learn, grow, and challenge yourself.  You will only have that opportunity, however, if you give yourself permission to venture outside of your comfort zone.

We wish you joyous, adventurous, safe travels.