Experience French Polynesian Culture During Farerei Haga

One of the best things about travel is the hands-on learning experience it affords. By immersing yourself in your destination’s culture and customs, you can experience so much more than you would by reading a travel book—the best part is what happens when you’re lost in the moment.

This October, should you be enjoying your honeymoon in Tahiti or simply vacationing on the island of Rangiroa, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Farerei Haga Cultural Days.

Farerei Haga, which translates to “Encounter in Paumotu,” will run from October 1–7. The festival strives to bridge the gap between locals and tourists, showcasing how travelers can experience the various aspects of French Polynesian culture and traditions by participating in this festive, fun-filled event.

One of the event’s most unique elements is that it brings together various representatives of the Polynesian culture—craftsmen, musicians, and athletes—so that tourists can get an authentic feel for the area.  As a tourist, you will have the opportunity to see tattoo artists, basket makers, sculptors, and more featuring their various crafts on the “Public Beach” just a few kilometers from the village of Avatoru.

Visitors can also attend various song and dance contests and listen to local musicians showing off their skills using traditional Polynesian instruments like the ukulele, to’ere, pahu, vivo, and more.  For those who are looking for even greater cultural immersion, the event features demonstrations of local practices and customs, such as traditional medicine (ra’au Tahiti) and much more.

Of course no festival celebrating French Polynesian culture would be complete without the inclusion of ocean-related activities. Fishing, boating, and diving are all popular tourist attractions. During Farerei Haga, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at longline fishing, pirogue racing, or take a dip in Rangiroa’s warm and welcoming waters.

Farerei Haga is the perfect way to experience French Polynesian culture, including art, sport, music, and so much more. So participate in the festival and experience it for yourself; you’ll walk away a different person.

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