Gourmet Dining Experiences in French Polynesia

James Michener once said of travel, “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” While we agree that to get the most out of anywhere you travel to you should fully immerse yourself in all that your destination has to offer, today we’d like to focus on Michener’s first point – food. As Michener also declared Bora Bora to be the most beautiful place on earth, we figured it was perfect place to start off with as we travel through Tahiti, one restaurant review at a time.

La Villa Mahana

Villa Mahana
Location: Povai Bay
Delectable Dish: Entrecote Steak with Gnocchi
Comment Card Compilation: Located in a replica of a Tuscan villa, La Villa Mahana is known as a quiet and intimate spot. Patrons have often noted that they feel less as though are in a restaurant and more like Head Chef Damien Rinaldi Dovio and his wife have invited them into their home, making them feel like welcome guests. Intricate and complex flavors are accompanied with wine pairings, making La Villa Mahana the perfect fit for them.

Bora Bora Dining

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Le Lotus Restaurant 

Le Lotus Restaurant
Location: Intercontinental Tahiti Resort
Delectable Dish: Swordfish Mousse on a Potato & Mussel Risotto
Comment Card Compilation: If you enjoy unobtrusive service, breathtaking landscape views of Moorea, and culinary creations from Top Chefs from all over Europe, Le Lotus Restaurant is a perfect fit for those visiting Tahiti. Both a la carte and one to four course prix fixe menus boast mouthwatering meats, crisp, cool veggies and candied confections. The Le Lotus Restaurant is an ideal location as it’s right in the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort, so all diners have to do is walk right downstairs.

Tahitian Deserts

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La Villa Des Sens

Legends Resort Restaurant
Location: The Legends Resort, across from the Beachcomber
Delectable Dish: Tuna roasted with herbs, China cabbage and consommé with yuzu, cilandro and lemongrass
Comment Card Compilation: Also a hop, skip and a jump from where diners may be staying, La Ville Des Sens is housed right in the Legends Resort Moorea. A VIP Chef’s table is one of the more remarkable features of this restaurant those some have been lucky enough to experience. One thing can certainly be gleaned from all reviews of La Ville Des Sens, is its propensity for delectable seafood, locally caught fish and shellfish, as well as an extensive wine menu. In fact, the dining room showcases a glass wine cellar that features over 120 vintage wines.

Moorea Legends WIne Cellar

Learn more about the island of Moorea where La Villa Des Sens is located.

French Polynesia has a completely different and unique culture and to really immerse yourself in it, try everything the islands have to offer! And everything means everything, right down to the food. So learn about the religion, embrace the customs, but mostly, try the food. We hope these restaurant reviews gave you something to chew on…

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