Tupai: The Heart of the Polynesian Islands

A common misconception about the island of Tahiti is that it is in the shape of a heart. Tahiti is a name assigned to both an island and an island chain. Therefore, when referencing the island chain of Tahiti, it is quite right to say it forms a heart, as one of the islands within the chain is in fact in the shape of a heart—it just isn’t Tahiti. This island is actually known as Tupai, a tiny atoll located just north of Bora Bora.

For many years, visitors to French Polynesia only had the opportunity to fly over this romantically shaped island via helicopter. However, these days it’s possible to get up close and personal, as Air Tahiti now offers flights to and from the island.

So why would you want to visit Tupai? That’s easy. It’s the most romantic wedding spot in Tahiti and the top place to get engaged. With the island chain already a magnet for couples and newlyweds, Tupai is the perfect place for any starry-eyed travelers.

What can you do when you’re there? For starters, you can have some of the most romantic and intimate experiences available in the world. Beginning the day with an island tour by air, and ending it by sipping champagne with your feet in the water as you lounge under the shade of a coconut tree, these are moments that can’t be captured anywhere else.

For those of you about to tie the knot, consider making your wedding memorable by exchanging your vows in the heart of the Polynesian Islands. In Tupai, you will be greeted by warm breezes as you step off the helicopter and onto the red carpet.  As you say your “I do’s,” you will feel the white sand beach under your feet and experience the setting sun and surrounding turquoise lagoon that stretches for miles. Coconut trees will keep you cool and the songs of indigenous island Petrels in the background will serenade you through your private and intimate ceremony, making an exceptional moment even more special.

So why not go to Tupai? We don’t honestly know. It’s a beautiful, tropical paradise locked into a largely untouched corner of the Pacific. Named the most romantic spot in French Polynesia, Tupai is perfect for any love birds looking to take the next big step.

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