Valentine’s Day Vacations – Take your Sweetie to Tahiti

February 14th is the most romantic day of the year and Tahiti the most romantic place in the world. Therefore, there is no better way to spend such a special time with the person you love than in a place as beautiful as Tahiti. Why not consider spending Valentine’s Day on a romantic retreat, at an exotic island, with your feet in warm sand, and the sunlight dancing across your face?

Moorea Sunset Catamaran Sailing Cruise –

One of Tahiti’s best features is the beautiful sunsets. A Moorea Sunset Catamaran Sailing Cruise is the perfect way to spend time with your companion, enjoy the scenery of Moorea, and have a relaxing ride around the island. After you spend the day on the water, watch a burning, orange sun set in the distance from the comfort of a sailboat.

Romantic Canoe Breakfast

Yet another one of Tahiti’s best Valentine’s activities is the Romantic Canoe Breakfast. In this activity, a continental breakfast is brought to your bungalow in a canoe and served to you by a Tahitian Vahine. Having a private and intimate breakfast that you can share with your loved one is a perfect way to start off a day that you will spend on the most romantic island in the world.

Romantic Private Cocktail Hour –

Just as starting off with a private, romantic breakfast is perfect for Valentine’s Day, so is ending it with a Romantic Private Cocktail Hour. Sip on some sweet island brew with your sweetheart in the comfort of your own bungalow. Nothing could be more romantic than hearing the crash of ocean waves, feeling warm island breezes, and one or two private cocktails with the person you love.

Experience Tahiti in a way most don’t have the opportunity to! February is a cold and dreary month for most, so spend it in a tropical setting with the one you love on a romantic island. If the beautiful vistas, warm temperatures and a week of privacy isn’t enough to persuade you, then just think of all the unique activities you can enjoy with your valentine that you otherwise wouldn’t. Valentine’s Day is the day of love, so spend it on the island of love with your special someone in Tahiti.

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