Best Museums to Visit on Your Tahiti Vacation

On your Tahiti vacation you will have countless activities and sightseeing opportunities available to you.  Is your thing hiking, relaxing, diving, dancing, off-roading, or perhaps checking out the local history?  If it’s the latter then you are in luck.  We’re going to tell you about four great museums that you can visit while on your Tahiti vacation.

Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands

Tahiti museum art

A lagoonside museum with a breathtaking view of Moorea, this is considered to be one of the best in the South Pacific.  Come here to learn all about Tahiti and its culture.  Explore and learn about the culture and society of French Polynesia past and present.  Their exhibits are devoted to things such as traditional weavings, tattoos, tiki carvings, fishing, body piercings, artist, writers, and more.

The James Norman Hall Home

James Norman Hall Home

This is a must see on your Tahiti vacation for anyone who has dreamed of living ocean side and writing novels for the rest of your life.  James Norman Hall was an Army pilot who was shot down and held prisoner during World War I.  In 1920 he moved to Tahiti and co-authored the famous novel, Mutiny on the Bounty.  He has also written many other tales about the South Seas.

This museum is the home that James lived in with his wife, Sarah, for the entire length of their married lives.  On your Tahiti vacation you will have the opportunity to explore their life through their well-preserved home located in Arue, Tahiti.  You can also enjoy lunch there, but be sure to make a reservation the day before.

Paul Gauguin Museum


Located in Papeari, Tahiti, The Paul Gauguin Museum is a Japanese styled art museum that is dedicated to the late French artist Paul Gauguin.  Here you will find original workings of the artist, which include sculptures, drawings, or woodcarvings as well as a reproduction of his home.

Also located in this museum are original paintings of Tahiti and Moorea by Constance Gordon-Cummings. You will also find copies of Gauguin’s work, and original art work by Cummings and other Tahitians on sale here.


The Robert Wan Pearl Museum

This is the only museum in the world that is dedicated solely to the precious pearl.  Located in Papette, the Robert Wan Pearl Museum has been described as a pearl farming encyclopedia that would be a great stop on your Tahiti vacation.

The myths, art, history, religions, and even philosophy behind the pearls on Tahiti are all on display here.  You will also be able to learn exactly how these precious gems are created.  They have a beautiful collection of pearls, oysters, and shells, which includes the “Pinctada Margaritifera”, the oyster that produces the famous Tahiti Black Pearl. Find out everything that you ever wanted to know about Tahitian pearls in this one museum.

For more information of these or any other museums in French Polynesia contact your Tahiti travel specialist today!

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